Nov 12, 2017

Get used to having your ideas get shot down

I have ideas all the time. Often times I share them. Sometimes they get shot down, and I feel bad because if I liked an idea enough to share it, then I built up some attachment towards it. But I’m getting used to having my ideas get shot down because it’s totally OK.

Ideas aren’t just good or bad, and it’s not that the good ideas get accepted and the bad ideas don’t. The thing is that an idea can be shot down for many different reasons. Maybe it’s not the right time for it. Maybe it’s not for the current product. Maybe it’s too complicated. Heck, maybe it’s just not a good idea! I think over time you get better at calibrating on your own and it’ll be yourself shooting down more of your ideas and not others.

As I told myself in a previous post, it’s important to be confident in your ability to generate good ideas, which is different than just being confident in your good ideas. The worst that could happen is that some of your best get shot down, but that’s OK because there will always be more.

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