Jun 6, 2018

git push-branch

One of my top git commands is push-branch, which is a custom command that I configured to push whatever branch I have checked out.

My usual git workflow is this:

  1. Checkout a branch: git checkout -b preetam/my-branch
  2. Make some changes and commit
  3. Push this new branch and nothing else:
    With vanilla git: git push origin preetam/my-branch
    With push-branch: git push-branch

With push-branch I don’t have to keep typing the branch name.

You can add push-branch to git by creating an executable script named
git-push-branch somewhere in your PATH with the following:

BRANCH=$(git name-rev HEAD 2> /dev/null | awk "{ print \$2 }")
git push origin $BRANCH "$@"

The nice thing about git is that if you type in an unknown command like git foo, it’ll search your path for a file called git-foo and run it. You can make lots of custom commands like this to save you time, and they don’t even have to be git things. I once had a command to print the weather!

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