Jun 30, 2024

Running Goal Achieved

I hit my goal of running 50 miles this month!

I started running more last month, and my goal for this month was 50 miles. I achieved my goal! In fact, I ran 53.2 miles this month.

While I didn’t improve my fastest mile time, I did manage to hit a couple of other personal records:

Running pace chart

A few things I’ve learned since the beginning of the month:

  1. Cardio can improve pretty quickly. At this point, it’s my legs holding me back, not my cardiovascular system.
  2. Warming up is important. It takes me at least half a mile to find my rhythm. Until then, my muscles are still tight and I don’t use the best form. If I push myself to go fast before being warmed up, I risk injury due to poor form.
  3. Proper running shoes help. I tried to do a quick jog with my Allbirds Tree Runners, and it was very uncomfortable! The midsole cushioning is great for walking since you first make contact with your heel, but it’s terrible for running when you use more of the front of your foot.

What’s next? I need a break! The 4-mile run was the one that got me over 50 miles, and I definitely think I pushed myself too hard on that one. I’m giving my legs a break for a few days.

Will I go for another ambitious goal next month? While I could try to hit 60 miles, I don’t want to. I’m comfortable with running now, but I want to diversify my gym time for other activities like weight lifting and HIIT. I also need to read more. A good idea would be to read while I stretch. I need to do more of that too!

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