Sep 15, 2014

Thoughts on Career/Job/Internship Fairs

This is just my opinion. I don’t like career fairs. I don’t think they are of any value to me. Most people might disagree with what I have to say, and that’s totally cool. I’m not like most people.

Career fairs are way too competitive. It’s probably the worst place to differentiate yourself. Everyone’s in a suit. Everyone’s carrying around their resumes, and everyone basically gives the same rehearsed intro, right? It’s also annoying to think that there will always be someone better than you out there. A nicer resume, a higher GPA, a better suit, etc.

Technical interviews sound horrible. I’ve never had one like the ones I hear people talk about. The most I’ve had to do was hand someone my resume and just chat about what I’ve worked on, and I love doing that! Those puzzle things sound horrible too. Have you seen TJ Holowaychuk’s response to a Facebook recruiter? I feel like I’d do something like that too.

Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about these days as I see students walk around all dressed up to impress potential employers. Just another part of working and growing up.

How can you be exceptional without being an exception? Are you just going to join some big crowd and hope you’re going to get picked?

People who stand around waiting for someone to “give them a chance” are rarely the ones who materially impact the world.

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