Oct 4, 2013

What not to do...

A web hosting provider called “Easy Hosting” shut down recently. Here’s what their website says right now:

We’re Sorry. After 5 years of service(rlshosting.com,easyhosting.pw), we are unable to provide service period and the backups were on the same datacenter too. We ran out of money and we cannot pay our server bills. Our Servers are suspended. You can believe what you want but we didn’t spend your money for fun. It wasn’t fun at all. Thank you for your business and we are very sorry.

Here’s what the owner, “M Bacon”, said on Web Hosting Talk:

As for being shut down, I don’t think anyone will take it lightly. That’s why I prefer to not to say anything. This is my last message. Good luck in your future hosting world. I am done for real. I need to find a better job than this crud. Everything goes wrong no matter how hard I try.

That annoys me.

In fact, stuff like this (companies going dark) annoyed me a long time ago. I first joined Web Hosting Talk 6 years ago. I couldn’t make an account before then because I wasn’t old enough to tick the “I am 13 years or older” box during signup :). I was a long-time “lurker.”

I used to go on WHT every day. I guess it was my equivalent of Reddit. There were no shortage of posts like this: Stuff like that showed up ALL THE TIME. I got annoyed. I got the impression that for some reason, web hosting “companies” always seemed to do things wrong. Why is that?

I thought, “Hmm… I bet I can do what they’re doing, except much better.” Here I am three years later, seeing things like this:

Once you’ve seen what not to do enough times, you get a pretty good feeling about what works.

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